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You may notice some salons are now taking bookings for the 4th July onwards, as an industry we haven’t been given a definitive date for when we can reopen. We have been given a rough idea when we might open but this date is subject to change.

Therefore I feel if I was to start taking bookings now and the restart date changed, it would lead to further cancellations, more inconvenience and confusion for clients. The situation is stressful enough without making it worse.

As you will know all original appointments from 23.3.20 have been cancelled and I will be getting in touch with those clients when the time is right to go ahead and start rebooking appointments.

For those of you who didn’t have an appointment during the lockdown period I will have a separate waiting list for future appointments, once all original appointments have been rebooked. It’s going to be very busy for me during this time, so I ask that you bear with me as this will all be new to me too.

Whilst the lockdown remains on the hair and beauty industry I will not be carrying out any treatments before this time. Please do your bit and don’t be tempted to go to any who may offer treatments before they are allowed to do so.

Please make sure you continue to like posts regularly to continue seeing updates.

Thank you and hopefully see you soon! Xx

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