2Wheels enforcement rolls out across Lincolnshire

  Posted: 07.09.19 at 10:25 by The Editor

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Police officers in Lincolnshire will be out on the county’s roads in a dedicated effort to reduce the numbers of road casualties and anti-social driving amongst motorcyclists.

So far this year there have been 39 deaths on the county's roads and 10 of those have been motorcycle fatalities, which accounts for a significant percentage.

In line with the National Joint Roads Policing Strategy and the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) the 2Wheels campaign will run from Monday (9 Sept) to 22 September.

Inspector Ewan Gell, of the Roads Policing Unit, said: “Lincolnshire attracts motorcyclists from near and far as they come to experience our rural roads, attend organised 'bike night' events, the racing at Cadwell Park or visit the coast, particularly during the evenings or weekends.

"We welcome them but want to make sure they and others around them ride safely.

“As part of the 2Wheels campaign we will have a highly-visible police presence on our roads and will be enforcing the fatal4 - drink/drug driving, mobile phone use, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt – and our officers will be out talking to motorcyclists about defensive riding, kit, and generally being safe.

“Of course, if we see anybody breaking the law we will take appropriate action.”

The 2Wheel campaign is aimed at all two-wheeled users - including cyclists.

Cyclists also feature heavily in road accident figures and, along with motorcyclists, continue to be one of the most vulnerable road users.

The national campaign aims to raise awareness amongst all road users to improve driver behaviour and educate two-wheeled users about the dangers of not having the correct skills, knowledge and personal protective equipment.

Inspector Michael Burke of Lincolnshire Police said: "Our aim locally in supporting this national campaign is to improve awareness and raise road safety issues amongst cyclists, motorcyclists and other road users.

"Cyclists and motorcyclists are more vulnerable and we aim to do all we can, through both education and enforcement, to keep these two groups safe, and all motorists can play and part in this.”

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership will be educating motorists and cyclists by going out into communities and speaking to road user groups, businesses, companies and private enterprises.

The 2Wheel campaign falls in line with Lincolnshire Police's Operation Safe Pass, launched at the end of last year, to advise road users on the safe distance that should be given when passing cyclists.

This is identified as a minimum of 1.5 metres, or in other words “keep them alive at 1.5”.

For more information on the 2Wheels campaign click on the red button below.

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