Aldi formally submits Stamford supermarket application

  Posted: 30.06.20 at 16:05 by The Editor

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Supermarket chain Aldi has formally submitted its planning application to build a new supermarket on the edge of Stamford.

The company seeks to build on a 8,487m2 site area to the west of the Mole Country Store of Uffington Road.

The brownfield site is part of a larger area formerly owned by FH Gilman, who operated a plant hire business from there until 2014.

Now, the site contains derelict buildings, previously used for offices and warehouses, which would be demolished for the supermarket.

The planning application to South Kesteven District Council says some 40 full-time equivalent jobs would be created at the store, which would be situated 200 metres east of the roundabout junction with Priory Road.

A further 26 jobs would be created during its construction.

The wider site area

The application says the store would complement rather than compete with existing retailers in Stamford.

Its site is also designated as part of a wider site for housing known as Stamford East, which has 162 homes allocated elsewhere on the site, plus a care home.

Aldi says it considered alternative locations but there nothing suitable in Stamford town centre.

It considered the former cattle market site and cattle market car park but the 1.8ha site was too large and it was hidden from view. Its parking was also needed and the site was not available.

The TC Harrison Ford dealership site on Wharf Road was also considered but the 0.32ha site was too small and not for sale.

A masterplan for the area

The application said an SKDC retail study found no need for extra supermarket provision on the western side of Stamford.

There were no detailed plans, as yet, for Stamford North. It's needed east-west road was likely to be some 7-10 years away, it continued.

Though commenting on the nature of Market Deeping retailing, Aldi appears not to have seriously considered locating the store there, despite calls from Deepings councillors.

The application also noted other supermarket chains also had out-of-town-centre locations.

It estimated town centre stores would have a turnover in 2020 of £8.92m, with out-of-town centres 'dominating' the annual spend.

By contrast, Aldi estimated Morrisons had a £44.12m annual turnover, with Waitrose earning £19.41m, Lidl £13.57m and Sainsbury's £8.45m at their Stamford outlets.

Aldi estimated an annual turnover in 2020 of £11.09 million.

The application said it would compete more with Morrisons, Lidl, Sainsbury's and Waitrose, only harming the 'convenience' sales in the town centre by 4.8 per cent.

The application concluded the scheme would not undermine housing plans for the area, it would unlock the potential of the site and would create a high quality gateway into the town.

It also commented: "The proposed development will be an increase in main food store provision that will help meet
the retail needs of the local catchment area by enhancing consumer choice.

"Aldi’s model means specialist goods and services must be sourced elsewhere by customers, ensuring that Aldi’s
stores do not directly compete with specialist food shops or other local businesses.

"We believe the proposals represent a well thought out and sensitive response to the constraints of the site. The Aldi food store provides an amenity to the local area which is currently lacking, along with the creation of local jobs. Aldi look forward to becoming considerate neighbours and
a valued part of the local community."

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