Council to take legal action to evict travellers from Deeping Gate

  Posted: 09.01.20 at 14:20 by The Editor

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Peterborough City Council is taking legal action to evict travellers who have failed to comply with a notice to leave land in the Lincoln Road area of Deeping Gate.

A council spokesman said: "They failed to comply with the first notice we issued, we are awaiting a court date and then we will issue the summons."

The travellers had been served with a notice by the city council to move on by lunchtime yesterday (Weds).

But one Deepings Nub News reader spotted around 10 vehicles still parked there this morning.

Police patrols have been stepped up around Deeping Gate since the travellers set up the illegal encampment.

Yesterday, Stamford, Bourne and Deepings community policing inspector Rachel Blackwell said one report had been received about three Irish males being abusive to staff in a Deepings restaurant on Saturday night after being told they couldn't have a table because the premises were closing.

"The site has been very orderly and there was only one other call yesterday about two males from the site canvassing for tree work around Deeping," she added.

Cambridgeshire Police said the only calls it had received were to alert the force that the encampment had set up.

Travellers who have set up an illegal encampment in Deeping Gate have until lunchtime today (Weds) to move on. Peterborough City Council served the...