Deepings homes plan refused

  Posted: 15.09.20 at 12:21 by The Editor

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A housing development in the Deepings has been refused planning approval by South Kesteven District Council.

The rejection of the scheme follows Deeping St James Parish Council branding the scheme as "over development" of the site.

Mr Darren Woods of Birdwood Construction sought to build five houses on a 3875 m2 site at 135D Eastgate.

The site is presently used as a yard and storage and was previously used as a market garden.

If approved, the homes would be in a cul-de-sac formation with access just to the north of 135D Eastgate, using an existing access point.

However, a report by SKDC planning staff says the proposal received opposition from the parish council as well as local residents.

They felt the scheme would be 'over development' of the site, which was not on land previously identified for housing and neither was the site in the main part of the village.

Residents also feared increased traffic from the homes, they claimed a loss of privacy for neighbours and it was out of character for the area.

Rejecting the application, SKDC planning staff agreed. They said the plot was insufficient for five homes and would be an overdevelopment of the site. The development and layout would be out of character for the area

They also commented: "This proposal is essentially a contrived form of design which would go against and offend the visual amenities and character of the area by its appearance and juxtaposition with surrounding properties."

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