Deepings woman launches appeal to buy lifelike dolls for dementia patients

  Posted: 02.09.19 at 17:52 by The Editor

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A woman from Deeping St James has launched a crowdfunding campaign to buy lifelike dolls for dementia patients after seeing the difference it's made to her own mum.

Karen Burton bought her 85-year-old mum Margaret one of the realistic Ashton-Drake dolls as a birthday present and noticed an immediate change in her mood.

Karen explained: "Mum has been in Braeburn Lodge for a few years now with vascular dementia and Alzheimer's. I'd read about these reborn dolls, which look so lifelike and even smell like a real baby, and how people with dementia really take to them.

"So we bought her one and she really loves it. My mum doesn't speak much anymore, but she's called the doll Jessie and she keeps it with her all the while, she's grown really attached to it. She kisses and cuddles the doll as if it's a real baby and talks a little bit to it and if someone takes it from her she gets quite distressed about it."

Seeing how much of a positive effect it's had on her mum, 58-year-old Karen who runs Hair @ 89 hairdressing salon in Market Deeping, decided to set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money and buy more dolls for other residents.

"It would be good to get the campaign off the ground so we could buy dolls for other homes as well," she added.

"People don't realise what dementia is like unless they've experienced it with a member of their own family or a friend but anything that gives someone some comfort and stops them being anxious is really worth it.

"I do notice a difference in my mum when she has the doll and when she hasn't so it would be great to give that comfort to other older people too."

To donate to Karen's online fundraiser click on the red button below.

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