Have you seen the Uffington emu'

  Posted: 06.09.19 at 12:00 by The Editor

An emu engaged a motorist in a 'stand off' yesterday as he tried to drive down a country lane in Uffington.

Police have now issued a 'most wanted' appeal to try to track down the bird, which is believed to have been on the loose for some time.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: "We are seeking information after a member of the public reported his encounter with the elusive beaked absconder which he described ominously as...'a stand-off'.

"The emu was said to have willfully obstructed the man’s attempts to drive down the lane, running back to stand in front of the car each time the man tried to progress on his journey.

"We have information to suggest that the emu has been missing for some time and attempts to recapture him have been so far unsuccessful.

"We’re aware that people will see the humorous side of this unusual appeal but please be aware that these birds are large and powerful, considered to be winged and dangerous, so please approach with care if you see our wanted emu and do not try to make a citizen’s arrest."

If you have seen the Uffington emu, or you are the owner, call 101 quoting incident reference 176 of 5 September.

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