Increase in number of sexual offences against young children in Lincolnshire

  Posted: 12.08.19 at 16:43 by The Editor

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The number of sexual offences against young children recorded by Lincolnshire Police has increased.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request from the NSPCC to the county's police force found it had recorded 182 sexual offences against children aged four to eight between 1 April and 31 March in 2018/19.

In the same period in 2017/18 the figure was 141 recorded offences.

In total, 7,618 sexual offences against children aged four to eight were recorded by 14 of the 44 police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who responded to the NSPCC's FOI request.

The child protection charity has also revealed that last year hundreds of children under the age of 11 living across the UK contacted Childline about sexual abuse.

In response, the NSPCC is relaunching its Talk PANTS campaign, which helps parents with children aged eight and under to have vital conversations about staying safe from sexual abuse.

The charity’s PANTS rules, catchy Pantosaurus song and activity pack help parents find the right words to talk to their children about staying safe.

The PANTS acronym provides a simple, but valuable rule, that keeps children safe: that their body belongs to them, they have a right to say no, and that they should tell an adult they trust if they’re worried or upset.

Parents can donate to the charity to get the PANTS activity pack.

Peter Wanless, the NSPCC'S chief executive officer, said: "It is very concerning that the number of recorded sexual offences against young children is at such a high level.

"It is vital that we do more to help them stay safe from sexual abuse.

"That is why Talk PANTS is such an important tool for parents as it enables them to have vital conversations with their child in an age appropriate way.”

For more information about Talk PANTS click on the red button below.

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