InvestSK - 'a lot of fluffy and flowery targets'

  Posted: 20.11.19 at 14:47 by Councillor Ashley Baxter

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After almost 18 months of operations, InvestSK Ltd has finally been subject to public scrutiny and there has been no shortage of criticism.

Some councillors even hinted that discussions have taken place with regard to bringing some, or all, of the services back within the council.

InvestSK is thought to have the brainchild of former SKDC Leader, Cllr Matthew Lee who was involved in the equivalent organisation in Peterborough, namely Opportunity Peterborough.

Chair of the newly formed SKDC Companies Committee, Coun Graham Jeal (Con) commented on the InvestSK business plan at a meeting on Tuesday: "There’s a lot of fluffy and flowery targets.

" I don’t want to criticise officers at all but it’s something that I think is a big difference between the private sector and the public sector".

Coun Jeal also criticised the plan for lacking ambition and clear goals.

Councillors also expressed frustration at the confusion of roles between SKDC and InvestSK and also the late publication of the business plan which was originally written in February.

Coun Ashley Baxter, who represents Market and West Deeping ward commented after the meeting: "InvestSK was established in a hurry and given a blank cheque for over a million pounds.

"Well over a year later we have finally had our first proper scrutiny meeting.

"It's no wonder people have got a lot of unanswered questions!"

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